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Artwizz NoCase for iPhone 7 Plus

šifra :   0982-1848

cena :    2.200,00 Din

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Tehnički opis

The Artwizz NoCase is ultra-slim and barely visible yet robust. The elastic iPhone 7 Plus protective case is made of the best TPU material available. It's how the case can combine a sleek design with strong protection. The exceptionally grippy material gives the case a better grip on smooth surfaces. The UV-resistant material makes its resistant to sun damage and discoloration, while the innovative dot-technology prevents the material from adhering to your device on the inside. So everything looks like you like it.
Attention: Due to the NoCase's soft shine, the look of the black iPhone 7 Plus might adapt slightly.

Tehnička specifikacija

EAN code 4260458880982
Boja Providna
Materijal Polikarbonat
Tip futrole Futrola za ledja
iPhone kompatibilnost iPhone 7 Plus

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